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5 Ways you can make your wedding different from the rest!

Let's be honest, most weddings you attend eventually mish into one memory of a nice ceremony, pretty dresses, mounds of food and sore feet from dancing the night away. So how can you make your wedding truly different?

1. Shake up the wedding day formula.

Weddings have a formula it's true, but you don't have to use that formula. You don't have to have an entirely afternoon ceremony, why nothing something earlier or later in the day? Who says you have to have a 3-5 course sit down meal, why not a tapas style or street food reception.?Why wait until after you eat for your first dance, why not do it as you arrive to the reception and start the party early? Think about turning the traditional wedding day around and making it unique to you! Be sure to discuss your plans thoroughly with all your suppliers well in advance though, and at regular intervals though so they know exactly what is happening and when!

2. Do something new every 30 minutes.

If shaking things up in the wedding day formula is a little outside your comfort zone why not keep it traditional but add your own twists to it. Doing something new, like a new drink, a change in lighting, a new form of entertainment, a change in music tempo etc, etc every 30 minutes or so keeps things fresh and your guests excited and wondering what will happen next!

3. Do not be afraid to use colour!

Colour is an excellent way of making your wedding really stand out and different from others. From flowers, to material, to candles, to lights you can create amazing visual backdrops, centrepieces and focal points for your day that will keep your guests talking and excited... not to mention the fabulous photos they will be able to take and share.

4. Give your wedding your personality!

The biggest change in weddings in the last 20 years or so is personalisation and personality. Couples are really taking the time to think about who they are as individuals and as a couple and to include their interests, quirks and hobbies in their wedding day. Because these are all unique to each couple and each individual it is a sure fire way of making sure your wedding day is very different!

5. Think outside the envelope for your invites.

Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests have of your wedding. They are a very small window into what they can expect. Setting the bar here gets your guests already wondering what you could be planning for the day itself. My biggest advice: Think outside the envelope. If you truly want your wedding to be different this is the perfect place to start. Perhaps yours will be a video, a balloon in a box, a jigsaw puzzle or a Wonka Bar with a golden ticket inside it.

This article was written by Blaithin is a Wedding Planner with, Author and Editor in Chief at She is obsessed with handbags, heels, anything sparkly and can't live without chocolate or mascara. In her next life she is coming back as a travel blogger.

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Spring is in the air and summer is on its way

Its getting warmer, flowers are blooming, the racing season is in full swing and it is the top time of year to get married. So it is busy busy busy in the millinery studio. The spring and summer is a great time of year with so many different styles and fabrics available to use and one of my top favs is florals. A full on flower crown with veiling shouts out summer for me. Now not everyone wants such a statement piece as their crowning glory but pretty and sophisticated walk hand in hand for this season. A simple cocktail hat with a flower decoration or vintage cloche with feathers in a ribbon band are simple elegant summer choices.

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